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FAP Turbo Review - Is Fapturbo a Scam?

Fapturbo Review

FAP Turbo Review - Is FAP Turbo software a scam? Many Currency trading software sold on the internet may show outstanding back test results. But also in actual fact, these software lose a lot of money when they are trading live. This is because some of them are programmed to fit past results, and this will not make them more successful during live trading.

To tell the truth, FAP Turbo made me really skeptical initially. Its back test equity curve is absolutely smooth and looked too good to be real to me.

Factors Utilized to Evaluate the FAPTurbo Software

FAP Turbo Review - Winning Percentage

Fapturbo Review

When evaluating this software, there are several key factors that can be used to judge its profitability. The 1st factor is the winning rate from the system. This refers back to the percentage of winning trades how the software makes. FAP Turbo's winning rate in the past 9 years has been 95% an average of, and live exams are showing an even higher effectiveness.

FAP Turbo Review - Drawdown

Another important factor will be the drawdown of the system. This is a percentage figure that informs me what is the maximum % of capital that FAPTurbo has lost. Typical Forex trading software has drawdowns of 10% to 20%. FAPTurbo's drawdown is 0.35% which is the reason the equity graph is indeed smooth on the statement page on its website.

Is it possible to Trust the Back Test and Live Testing Results for the FAP Turbo Site?

After studying the historical results as well as live trading performance, I am starting to see that quite sure trades in the direction of the future trend, and the patterns of trading between back make sure live testing are extremely similar. This shows that the robot is running with similar rules and therefore the proof answers are reliable.